Assessment of the quality of egg for consumption

Before the purchase, we first examine the product; we look for the dirt on the eggs, cracks, and the appearance of the shell.

Be aware that the egg keeps 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature and can be eaten raw in 9 days after the laying date.

Systematically we do keep eggs ...


The microbiological, chemical and toxicological Qualities of some imported milk.

The aim of the study is to make some microbiological, chemical and toxicological test, of the infantile milk marketed in Algiers.

 Breastfeeding is considered as the best way for feedin ...


Présentation of CACQE

The Algerian Center of Quality Control and Packaging -CACQE- is a public institution placed under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of trade.

       It is created by the executive decree n° 89-147 of 8 August 1989 amended and supplemented by the executive decree n°03-318 of 30 September 2003.

       The center is an intermediate space that constitutes on one hand a technical support for the authorities in charge of quality and safety control of the products and, on the other hand a support for economical operators, in order to assist them in the implementation of programs related to the promotion of national production quality.
       The center is headed by a General Director assisted by a General Secretary, and five (05) divisions. The center manages  24 operational laboratories including 04 regional and (20) branch ; a guidance council which deliberates on all matters related to the center's activities, and a scientific technical committee (CST) that review and advise on :

  •  Legislative and regulatory drafts scientific and technical nature relating to the quality of goods and services;
    • The annual and multi-year plans of scientific and technical research                                      ;
    • Applications for authorization of opening a quality testing laboratories 

• Prior applications for authorization to manufacturing and importing toxic products or those present a particular risk.

The Missions of the Center

The center's main mission is the protection of health, safety of the consumer.
The main activities can be grouped in the following points:

  •  Analytical control that consists of verifying the compliance of the products with his characteristic regulatory standards or specifications
  •  Management, Development of quality testing laboratories;
  •  Promotion the quality of goods and services production;
  •  Participation in the elaboration of the standards of foods and services available for consumption, in national technical committees;
  •  Information, communication and consumer awareness;
  • Assistance and support for the economical operators in order to master the quality of goods and services placed on the market.

MAIN ANALYTICAL Activities of laboratories:
The analytical control performed by the quality control laboratories on the various consumer products placed on the market either those imported or those produced locally. Thus the average number of samples processed annually observed in the balance sheets of activities, is about 16,000. This number is expected to constantly grow with the reception of new laboratory projects in progress; the Center take charge of two types of analysis: physicochemical analyzes and microbiological analyzes that cover the following types of products:
                • Control of food products;
                • Control of cosmetics and personal hygiene;
                • Control of industrial products; it should be noted that the CACQE has a control department and products trials such as: the household electrical appliances and gas appliances, located at the laboratory of Constantine.
Other industrial products are for that time tested by other specialized laboratories.
These analysis are performed on samples collected by officials authorized external services of Ministry of trade, within fraud repression.

Strategies of the development of analytical control:
The transition of Algeria from the planned economy to a market economy, the signing of the association agreement with the European Union and the membership in the Arab free trade zone, which have allowed the diversity of the imported products  and those produced locally, placed on the market;
This situation has required from the government, the strengthening of the quality control system of the products offered to the consumer for better protecting the health and ensure the consumer safety; it’s in this context that the Ministry of trade has strengthened the CACQE structures by the realization of a national laboratory ‘’LNE’’ for testing the industrial products.
Furthermore, in order to consolidate the reliability of analysis results, the center has carried out the standardization of analysis methods in each section of these laboratories, based essentially on official methods, national standards, international standards ISO and codex alimentarius where the CACQE ensure the technical secretariat since 2004.

Information and Awareness:
In terms of information and awareness, the center contributes to the dissemination and popularization of texts related to quality; to consumers and professionals through several communication means such as; the organization of days study and seminars, website, leaflets and other posters. The CACQE has as well assistance and advisory activities for the economical operators within the promotion and the improvement quality of national production.  

Support for exporters:
Within the promotion of foreign trade and in accordance with the instructions and the commitments of trade Ministry; the CACQE shows its availability to assist the economical operators for export; by taking analysis of the concerned products also by the deliverance of certicates of conformity when asked, within the limit of its technical potentialities.
In addition, the center provides them with all the relevant information in terms of quality and conformity of products that could improve the conditions support of any export operation.



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